The Concept:
How BNUGDAO will operate
We will create a project token (BNUG), a governance token (BNUGDAO), a liquidity mining protocol (BNUGLM) that rewards liquidity providers with BNUGDAO, and a DAO that is run by the governance token (BNUGDAO).
Our BNUGLM is a DeFi platform that will enable holders of BNGU and BNB to add liquidity to Pancakeswap and any other AMM, directly through our liquidity mining protocol BNUGLM, and the LP tokens from Pancakeswap for providing liquidity will be held in our BNUGLM protocol.
Users who provide BNUG/BNB liquidity on Pancakeswap through our liquidity mining protocol (BNUGLM) will earn trading rewards from Pancakeswap as liquidity providers, they will also earn 1 BNUGDAO per block of the total BNUG liquidity they provided.
This is practically how the governance token is mined.
Users can decide to trade BNUGDAO on a centralized or decentralized exchange where we will list it, or they can choose to hold it for voting rights in the DAO.
The liquidity mining protocol BNUGLM will be the sole admin of the governance token BNUGDAO, hence making it the only entity able to mint BNUGDAO.

BNUG Stake

BNUG Token holders can stake their BNUG Token and the staking contract will automatically reward them with more BNUG Token based on the chosen stake period APY.


An NFT Create/Mint and sell Marketplace for Crypto- Arts and unique items.
Users holding BNUG Token can easily create and sell their own unique NFTs on our user-friendly NFT creation platform and sell it on the marketplace or any other marketplace, like opensea etc.
Now everyone can tap into the amazing world of NFTs, not just to profit, but to create intergenerational wealth!
BNUGDAO Token holders can vote for community projects of their choice, qualified for early stage funding by the community.
Content creators playground.
We shall be embarking on a gigantic Reality TV Show project titled “TechBuild Reality TV Show.”
Online viewable access will be via the BNUG Token.
Holders can vote for who can come into the “TechMetaverse” or the “House,” ‘stay” or “exits” via the Token. All the content will be created in-house by a solid team of scriptwriters, producers, and directors. Details of start date will be announced.
Gaming should be fun. Rather than having to think about every single penny you spend and taking up all your time, wouldn’t it be great to play to earn?
We will launch a Free to Play to Earn (F2P2E) game.
Learning more about blockchain & Crypto yet earning more and more BNUG tokens
We will support initiative and charity efforts worldwide with an allocated portion of BNUG Token. The world is much better with friends. The community will from time to time vote on the qualifying course to commit community funds.
BNUGDAO Ecosystem Development Funds
The African blockchain and crypto ecosystem is one of the largest and fastest-growing in the world today.
Cryptocurrency kick-started the initial digital revolution and has continued to grow and put thousands of people on the path towards financial freedom.
BNUGDAO Ecosystem Development funds will support industry initiatives, legislative and policy lobbying, businesses and founders looking to enter the market, with the needed funding to meet their goals.
We will seek to establish innovation hubs across multiple cities in Africa where young entrepreneurs will be challenged to start utilizing this technology to rebuild Africa's broken systems with open, transparent, and immutable tools of blockchain technology.
Do you want to partner with us in any way?
Shoot us an email: [email protected]